Turn Key House??

As you know this house was supposed to be a “turn key” deal. What none of knew was the depth of the seller’s deception. Fortunately, there is always a positive side to everything ~ IT IS ALMOST DONE!!!!! I know I keep saying that, but the more we get done the brighter I can see that light at the end of the tunnel!!

Hubby got the rest of the wainscotting mounted today and we have a primer coat of paint on just about everything. Hopefully next week we can do the second half of the sub-floor and then move the refrigerator and freezer into the respective places as well as finally move the washer up from the basement. He even got the over the refrigerator cabinet mounted.

While he was doing all that, I got the front steps and the side deck painted. Now remember this is supposed to be a “merlot” color. I used their prescribed color tinted sealer/primer (which was pepto pink by the way) and everything. It came out fire engine red!! Needless to say Home Depot, Behr and I are going to have a chat and develop the right color for the last coat and before we paint anymore of the house. At least the sealer/primer and the first coat are done on the steps.

So I went to Home Depot and it turns out that she mixed the wrong color! She gave me ‘rocking chair red’ or as we affectionately call it, ‘where’s the fire’. She was supposed to mix ’tile red’ or as we call it ‘merlot’. We were going to need another gallon to do the second coat anyway so we have the new color and the next dry day, I’ll get the final coat with the dry-lock grit mixed in to get rid of the slippery surface.


Thanks! I’ll be patient. The HD person said I would only need 1 coat if I used the primer. I wouldn’t have been so shocked if she’d explained it as well as you just did.


Two things about red paints.

1) Red is the MOST translucent color. It took us three coats of paint to get the kitchen the right color, and that was in addition to the correct tinted pepto pink primer. IT got darker and deeper with every coat!

2) Red and yellow paints are notorious for drying much darker. Red also seems to dry slowly.

I’d say before you go around and around with HD, paint a smal test swatch on a scrap with several coats and dry with a hair dryer in btwn coats. Then let it dry overnight; if it still looks fire engine red; take the sample with you to the store so they can help you get the correct color.

I was shocked at how much change out kitchen went through with each coat. We swore we had the wrong color and that we’d have to paint it again…

Just our experience. Hope it helps.