2 more walls

We’re getting closer, now I can see the light at the end of that tunnel really bright! The electrician finally got light to the kitchen and we were able to close up the final walls that were going to be exposed to the winter cold. We are also getting closer to the right trim color. After the 14 day cure time and maybe another coat we should be there.

Hi Tamy,
I am your partner in the Trick or Treat Swap. I hear you have already had a few tricks on your house. That had to be hard to start remodeling from mold 10 days after you moved in. I love your 115 year old house, you and your husband are doing a great job.
We have been remodeling our house but it’s 27 years old and we have completely changed it.
I am trying to get it cottagy instead of a ranch style home. I can’t wait until we swap I already have a few ideas on what to do.
Please come see me at Bren’s Little Cottage. Cya soon, 🙂 Bren