As my friend Bren over at Brenda’s Little Cottage will tell you, there is NO such thing as TOO MANY bowls. Seems like the size and one you want or need is always already in use which means there must not be enough bowls.

I have a set of blue speckled, confetti, splattered (you pick the word you like to describe them) nested, matching, Texas ware bowls. Now you would think that would be enough since they range from about 7 inches up to 13, but NO, they’re never enough! So, following along with the plan to get my kitchen in order, I bought myself a Christmas present.

Aren’t they great? I accidentally ran across an eBay auction from an estate sale for a brand new set of nested, still in the cellophane wrapper set of pink/red bowls identical in size and confetti pattern as my blue set. Now I have twins. You may or may not know, but these are in big demand on eBay and go for a pretty penny. Since I’m not willing to part with too many pretty pennies, I was thrilled to get a brand new set that left little to the imagination that their condition was truly mint and that I’d be getting quality merchandise for those pennies.

I don’t like to use mixers or sharp tools in these despite their durability so you MUST also have a nice Pyrex set or two also. I love my nested Pyrex blue belles almost as much as I love my Texas ware. The two tone blue odd wider sizes are great too. They all still have a beautiful shine and no chips, cracks or crazing.

Many of you may not know or remember, but we were forced to tear out the entire kitchen just weeks after moving into this ‘new’ house due to the previous owners non-disclosure of MAJOR MOLD. This left us without walls, kitchen cabinets, floors, ceilings, etc… I mean it was really bad. We would hold our breath with every wall we opened that maybe hopefully this was the end of the demolition and were constantly praying that it never got any worse.

We’ve been living out of Rubbermaid totes and metal shelving units. We are putting in the cabinets as we can afford it and as time permits. So, every bit of organization is celebrated, right down to the bowls.


I am so extremely jealous of your Speckled nesting bowls. Oh, the pain of it all.

They are amazing!!

p.s I see you tagged me.

🙂 Bren