~*~*~Resolutions & Epiphanies~*~*~

So I was visiting ‘Yours ’til Niagara Falls’ this morning and have been inspired to actually put into writing a more extensive resolution list for myself in 2008.

I too like the idea of having even one epiphany, especially as the New Year begins. Epiphanies can lead to resolutions and one of my resolutions is the follow through it takes to bring those Epiphanies to life.

Here’s an very incomplete, but great beginning to the list of resolutions/epiphanies/ultimate goals I want to address in 2008:

  • Be ready for book club in time each month

  • Make most, if not all of next year’s Christmas gifts by hand and tailored to each person’s likes/dislikes

  • Get my kitchen in order ~ I used to (before the nightmare of this house came to life) make my menus a month in advance. This was really helpful to our budget also. If a recipe called for half of an onion on Monday, I’d make sure to follow it with a recipe on Tuesday that called for the other half. During that time we tried at least 1 new recipe per week so I could try to empty the shoebox (my husband just reminded me that there 3, not “1” of these) FULL of recipes that I’d cut out from newspapers, magazines and such. That never worked because I always filled it right back up, but now it’s overflowing and desperately needs thinning out!!!!!!

  • Limit my craft & fabric purchases to ONLY the items I need to make things using mostly materials that I already own

  • Take a walk daily (weather permitting or not) OR AT LEAST use the treadmill, it’s already here after all!

  • Force myself to eat breakfast ~ today was a bowl 1/2 Cheerios & 1/2 Special K ~ maybe tomorrow I’ll add bananas

  • Continue my volunteering monthly, even if it’s just a home project for something I already support

  • Write some freelance newspaper/magazine articles

  • (Here’s the big scary one I’ve avoided for more years than I care to admit) I will write the novel(s) that have been swirling in my head for years. I have the plots, characters, synopsis and the settings. I’ve conversed with the characters like they are old friends and family, I’ve developed the towns, supporting characters and walked through the houses and buildings like I built them myself. I know everyone’s likes, dislikes, personality traits and idiosyncrasies. I know all the dogs in town and who rides their bike to work or walks. I know how deep and blue the lakes are and how clear the night sky is so much so that all the stars sparkle bright and appear as if you can reach up and pull them down. All I need to do now is capture it all on the blank pages between the colorfully bound covers that I can see so vividly

  • Try to sell my screenplay (inquiry letters are written and the 1st couple dozen rejection letters are making for a great book)

  • Find a publisher for the cookbooks I’ve written

So… I too scared myself a little (okay ~ a lot and I mean A LOT) with this list. But as she said, the age-old question truly is ~ “How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer will always be ~ “One bite at a time!” Some bites will be smaller than others, but that’s okay too!

Happy New Year, one and all, and may you too see the light to your epiphany!