The Beauty of Pot Roast and living in the Country!

So I stumbled upon a new site today The Pioneer Woman Cooks and Ree’s entry for 2008:The Year of the Pot Roast (I’d vote for that designation) that I thought I’d share with you. The recipes on this site look and sound so yummy! The Pot Roast recipe made my mouth water. I LOVE POT ROAST. Let me re-phrase that I love GOOD pot roast. I was a country girl when I was young and then the city came to us and I chose to leave and to be a country girl again.

My grandma always made the best pot roast, but unlike Ree’s recipe, she always made a thick farm style gravy. I prefer the wine glaze like Ree’s recipe calls for most of the time especially when like her, I’m on that 13 hour fast to make my butt smaller.

Like the author, I too miss mainly food choices (sometimes I’d do anything for a good Mexican meal or some Japanese) when you want to eat out, the availability of specific foods and brands from the city AND the ability to buy what you need when you need it 24/7, but oh the joys of being a country girl again! I have a ‘city’ list of ingredients next to my normal everyday grocery list and I stock up on those whenever I go to the city.

So I’m trying this recipe tonight and will report later this week on how it goes ~ that way I can also link to Favorite Ingredient Friday hosted by Overwhelmed with Joy with my recipe and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. One of the best aspects of preparing a pot roast is that after the initial mess, the roast is in the oven and you can do the majority of the clean-up before dinner even begin!