~*~Office Organization finally!!~*~

It has been a long 15 months (it feels more like 15 years some days) working on the house and the problems we inherited. For the new year I decided it was time to get organized even if the work isn’t yet completely done. During the construction we decided that my office/studio/craft & sewing room downstairs just wasn’t working on sooooooooooo many levels. So I bit the bullet and decided to move upstairs. Never mind that it meant changing furniture up and down, it also meant, that the upstairs room had to be painted first! I started trying to paint without completely emptying the room, but that didn’t work and we eventually had to move it all downstairs to the dining room for a few days before we could move what we needed upstairs.

It had the ugliest gray paneling and one of the previous owners had used an indelible blue ink pen to write on the walls where he was working. It took 5-6 coats of paint to cover those area alone. I eventually ran out of paint before I finished. I was able to pick up those white particle wood drawer units at a garage sale really cheap and they are working great for organizing all the craft items. I’ve since put labels on them so you don’t have to open every drawer until you find what you need. The biggest challenge is that I lost about 40 square feet in the move and added a bookcase to help with the organization. So, I’ll be honest here and let you know the desk area isn’t that clean still! The downstairs room used to be the Parlor when this house was built and has great french doors. It is going to make a great spare bedroom. It will give our guests more privacy and a better view.