This is going to sound terrible. If you are still having the problem. We put down a bunch of The Better Mousetraps on the couch, covered them lightly with newspaper. Heard them going off in the middle of the night (when she’d always sneak up there). She never tried it again. Spring mousetraps might hurt her, don’t use those. The aim is to freak her out, not hurt her.


Here this way from Org Junkie and saw your post. We used pieces of slightly crumpled tin foil on our couches. The sound would keep the dogs off the couches.


Remember those snap bracelets that were popular in the 80’s? We used a roll up metal yardstick with Keva that worked like a charm. We’d set it out flat with the bowed side up. All she had to do was try to get on the couch and it would roll up in her face. Ours is an antique from Douglas County Bank in Lawrence; mom got it when she worked there! I bet you can find one if you look hard enough, though, in an antique store or on ebay.