Real Animals?

We left the overcrowded, crime infested, language challenged suburbs of southern California to move to God’s country here in the North Woods and we really love it. There have been a few big cultural surprises though. One of the most surprising is that here where we have the entire forest’s worth of animals coming to our front door for dinner, where the animals run free and know no barriers of city vs. country that everyone loves their fake “YARD” animals! I’m a block from a major (for here anyway) HWY and yet I have deer, rabbits, skunk and such in my front yard regularly. We also have bear, elk, geese, elk, raccoon, wild turkeys and porcupines nearby. So it amazes me that in most yards you’ll find “FAKE” deer, beer, moose, etc… One local guy even has a yard full of fake geese that look so real you expect them to take flight at any minute, then again he turns his basketball court into a skating rink for the kids in the winter so he can’t be all bad. Why would you want those ugly fake deer in your yard when these beautiful ones wander in on their own?