Living Room is done…. well almost

the living room is done… well almost… the floors will be last throughout the entire house. They had told us the hardwood floors were in good shape, but once again they lied ~ wow big surprise. Since the hardwood floors have such bad patches in them, we think we’re probably going to carpet this room as well as most of the house. These pictures make the room look yellow, but it’s called Oklahoma wheat and is more of a golden wheat color. They also tell us it will darken for the next 2 weeks as it cures. I still need to do the windows, but that will wait till spring since it requires dealing with old lacquer. I also broke one of the antique globes on the ceiling fixture, but will start searching the restorations catalogs to find a replacement.

Ouuu Tamy that fireplace and bay window is to die for!
Lucky you to have such beautiful features in your home!

A suggestion….take a closeup picture of your chandelier globe and post it on your blog!
There are a lot of antique dealers and shoppers out here that may be able to find your replacement for you!
Fingers crossed!

Hugz, Dolly