GM5~2nd post~Most frequented websites

1) Ebay Shop, shop, shop
2) What I Did At School Today, Sweet Goodness, The Pioneer Woman Cooks……. Some of my favorite places to hang out with my cousin, crafting and cooking
3) I live in the U.P ~ it changes regularly so I check often
4) You can’t beat the deals and shipping is only $2.95 for the WHOLE order
5) This is how I get my news


I love crafting too!! I usually enjoy paper crafting the most…making cards and scrapbooking mostly. I didn’t know only charges $2.95 for shipping! I don’t think I’ve ever even went there to shop, but I might have to now!!

I certainly understand about doing too many things at once! Thanks for fixing it all up!


Hey Tamy, I think you might have left a little out this week…a link to the original post at ‘BeccA’s Buzz’ and the why, girlfriend! We wanna know something special about the reason you visit those sights so frequently…
Are all listed under #2 blogs you like?