Sweet Goodness Hanging Heart Swap

I just opened this great swap from my swap partner Heidi for the Sweet Goodness Hanging Heart Valentines Swap hosted by the Sweet Goodness Girls over at Sweet Goodness Swaps. I especially love the felted ornament Heidi, thank you so much. This swap showed me how small the world can be when Heidi and I realized we co-existed in my home town while she worked for the newspaper I grew up on for several years. We probably passed each other on the street or in the mall and never even realized until the blog world brought us closer together. Ironically we both live 250 miles fro there now and only 5 hours apart.

Glad you got it! did you mail mine yet? I can’t remember which address i gave you–if you sent it to my work address (Monroe Stl.), tomorrow is my last day, so I hope it arrives!