Give me 5 Monday

Five hints, tips, tricks, advice or any other stories related to resumes or succeeding in the great job hunt!
  • 1) Be yourself!
  • 2) Listen to what the interviewer is asking and interpret what they are asking into how you can be their answer to problem solving.
  • 3) Be confident and use the appropriate words and descriptions when filling out your resume’.
  • 4) Dress business like and conservatively.
  • 5) Look them in the eye and speak clearly.

I like your #2…I tend to forget that I’m a pretty good problem solver and this would be a good way to convey that. Also, using appropriate terminology on applications and resumes…very good indeed. I think you are one of the first participants this week who actually said ‘be yourself’ in so many words. It’s true though, they want to know who they are hiring, who they are going to be dealing with each day. It’s like a first’s hard to relax and just show your true self! Great list!!!