Food Obsessed? or just a woman? Does anyone remember the Waltons?

So I was blog surfing this morning when I ran across Amy’s latest post at Too Many Recipes. Amy asked if anyone else reads food blogs for fun or if she’s food obsessed. She said her hubby can’t stand to look at recipes and their respective photos when he’s not hungry. He says it makes his stomach turn.

This was my answer: “I think it has a lot to do with the man vs. woman thing. I too love to read food anything. I’ve been known to read, yes actually read cookbooks cover to cover. As a woman who loves to cook, has always been on a tight budget (I’ve always meal planned to save $) and someone who really wants the table to look appetizing when my family sits down to eat, I spend a lot of time ‘preparing’ which includes looking at those pictures of food. I think men only think of food in the sense of instant gratification. I know when I’ve asked hubby what he wants for a specific meal, it takes a lot of brain power to even conjure up the ordinary if he’s not hungry. As a woman I (as I’m sure you and many others do) look at these recipes and pictures and begin to plan how mine will look at least that good or better! So, after all this, am I also food obsessed or is it just part of our nature as homemakers to dream?”

I realized afterward though that maybe this is a generational thing. I personally have composed two cookbooks (the more pictures the better) and am working on a third, but have to ask myself if maybe today’s woman doesn’t put an emphasis and priority on these things. I know many women and families blame their busy lifestyle and can’t think past the next fast food stop. I feel sorry for them. Family life can be so much better when shared around the dinner table. Eventually that lifestyle will catch up with them and then the next generation will follow suit, and so on and so on until no one will be able to remember grandma’s pot roast and devil’s food cake for Sunday dinners. The gap will continue to grow.