SPRAY PAINT is like DUCT TAPE and is my new best friend

I love spray paint lately!! It’s like a woman’s version of duct tape. This house needed some re-decorating, but unfortunately there’s no budget for decorating since it was used on the forced remodel from the mold.

So, I’m getting inventive. I found this old berry basket in the trash they left behind. It was stained and horribly dirty, but I vacuumed all the cobwebs out, washed and let it dry for a good long while and then grabbed my spray paint can of silver hammered paint. After that coat dried I did a quick once over with bronze hammer paint. Now I know spray paint is not environmentally friendly, but I figure the small amount of paint I used is so much better than throwing something old into the trash. I have also salvaged all the old registers from the house that were rusting and peeling and with some elbow grease and copper colored Rustoleum hammer paint now have restored new ‘old’ well made heat registers.

even used it on the claw foot tub. It was painted a sick seafoam green and peeling. So I scraped the peeling paint and grabbed the Rustoleum bronze hammer paint and voila! It looks really beautiful. I can’t wait until the rest of the bathroom is done. Updates to come!