21 day challenge update

I finished the day one “assignment” in Rhonna Farrer’s 21 Day Challenge. We were supposed to pick a goal to “make or break” in 21 days and follow the prompts to complete it. My goal is to make break the habit of writing ideas on scraps of paper, cocktail napkins, etc…. I may not be able to break that habit entirely as you have to jot the ideas down when the moment strikes, but I wanted an organized journal place to keep track of them all. So my ‘art’ is of a more practical, pragmatic nature since my ‘art’ is writing. I had done something similar in college and it worked, why I didn’t stay with it, I don’t know, maybe life got in the way. I’m starting a new one as a way to break the habit of stacking up those notes and not remembering what they had to do with. With this journal I will have the pages and sections to get all those scraps of paper organized and maybe even get more accomplished. More to come over the next 20 days.