Plateaus and downfalls

I found this theme on Michelle’s blog for her Thursday 13 entry and thought that since I was at a plateau time on my diet, this would be a good place to follow suit and list those treats that tend to be my downfall. Get my fill of them so to speak.

Now this first one isn’t a downfall, but a saving grace. FLAVOR ~ FLAVOR ~FLAVOR is the key to make good for you foods tasty. Lemon Juice has become one of my saving graces for flavor along with white pepper.

Check out this recipe: Brussel sprouts on Botox a year ago

There are a few big ‘Snack Attack’ items on my list:

  • CHEEZ-ITS ~I can overdose on these. Remember the Lays Potato Chip commercial that said you can’t eat just one? Well, it was originally written for these, I’m sure of it. I even have to eat them salt side down on my tongue.
  • HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE & COCA-COLA ~When I was a little girl and came home from school my grandma would sit my uncle and I down at the kitchen table and take Hershey bars from an old Riley’s toffee tin box and a couple of bottles of coke from the refrigerator and place them in front of us so we’d sit still, do our homework and be quiet so she could watch General Hospital and finish her ironing. Now that was a bad habit in and of itself, but I still to this day love to have them together.
  • PIZZA ~I’m such a pizza fan that I’ve only once met a pizza that I didn’t like since we’ve moved to the U.P. Everyone keeps telling me that the pizzas here are long standing traditions and that the locals don’t know any better. They have walls of frozen pizza here and none of them are very good in my opinion. There are times I’d give anything for a Numero Uno Slaughterhouse 5 or a Round Table Ultimate garlic supreme.
  • SOURDOUGH BREAD ~Warm and toasty with fresh melted butter right off the San Francisco pier – need I say more?
  • DONUTS There isn’t a donut variety that isn’t tempting depending on my mood. I love donuts, but didn’t have to have one until there weren’t any to be had. Here in the U.P. they call them Bismarks, there sold in the grocery store since bakeries are far and few between and they just don’t taste the same as a Winchells, Dunkin’ Donuts or even a Krispy Kreme.

I cherish the trips away from here when I can have a great pizza and a good doughnut and oh some really good Tex Mex too.