21 day Inspiration challenge

Day 2 – today’s theme revolves around hard work, stick-to-itivness and common sense. I have stories and ideas in my head that need to get out and as I said before I tend to jot them down on the nearest scrap of paper and let them stack up as I deal with the day-to-day dealings of life, but I’m also an organized perfectionist that can’t always create in chaos, at least not for writing. I’m great with chaos if I’m cooking, quilting or scrap booking. It just doesn’t work for journaling and writing, at least not for me.

I started the day by making this mess and then finished it with the hard work of sorting and categorizing old themes, story plots, character descriptions, making new side tabs for the journal that included all of these plus objective trains of thought, thought provoking questions and surveys, processes, fiction, cookbook, recipes, pictures and references. I stuck to it all day and came up with a finished journal that’s ready to be used day in and day out to create that great American novel someday and a super homestyle cook book. As for common sense, I should have used it years ago to sort through this mess. What a welcome relief to have it accomplished to this stage.

I also altered my graphics for my journal pages so they’re permanently the way I want them.