T13 #8 Childhood Memories

  1. Summer days spent outside in the sunshine when we only came home for meals and dark
  2. Prime time TV meant once a week without nightly reruns (reruns were for summer)
  3. Newspapers were delivered by kids on their bicycles
  4. Neighborhood kids made money by mowing lawns
  5. There were no video games yet
  6. Record “albums”
  7. 8 track tapes
  8. Picnics and bonfires
  9. Camping
  10. Roller Skating (in line skates were a few years from being developed)
  11. Ditto’s jeans
  12. Dial telephones
  13. Push mowers
Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

Oh, yeah! My first two 8-track tapes were Grease and Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall! I was so pumped and thought it was the best present ever! Mr. Brownstone and I were just laughing about how our kids really have no clue about what it was like to not have all of the modern conveniences, like music you could carry with you and delayed gratification in television watching! Great list!


Mem’ries…like the corners of my mind…

A friend from work and I were just talking the other day about how we’d never dream of letting our kids play outside unsupervised. Yet growing up we only came home when we were hungry. Sad…

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Oh #2 really made me think! Summer was for reruns. Wow, how things have changed. GREAT list! I have posted my first TT list today if you care to pay it a visit! 🙂 I need to come up with more creative ideas for the coming weeks! Jennifer