T13 #9 Unfinished Craft Projects

  1. My quilt to match Jenn’s
  2. Gratitude Wall Quilt for our bedroom
  3. Gratitude Wall Quilt for spare bedroom
  4. Wall quilt for stairwell
  5. Stained Glass for Christmas – M
  6. Stained Glass for Christmas – J
  7. Stained Glass for Christmas – C
  8. Dana’s Quilt
  9. Katie’s Quilt
  10. Lulu’s Quilt
  11. Paint and decoupage shelf for spare bedroom
  12. Candles
  13. Table runner
The Mama Bear

Lots of quilts on that list. I have a couple on mine too, but need to wait until we move to start back on my crafts. Great TT, and good luck accomplishing it all. If you’re interested pop by The Cafe for my T13.