T13 #11 Projects accomplished since 2008 began

  • 1) New Plumbing in ~ old plumbing outliterally
  • 2) New kitchen Sink and the cupboards to go under it
  • 3) Painted downstairs bathroom
  • 4) Painted upstairs bathroom
  • 5) Painted Living Room
  • 6) Linen cabinets installed
  • 7) Washer & Dryer moved from basement to 1st floor
  • 8) Office moved upstairs and spare bedroom moved down and then reversed again LOL
  • 9) Rummage sale items boxed and moved to barn
  • 10) Spare bedroom painted
  • 11) Online Organizer completed
  • 12) Bookshelves organized
  • 13) Closet cleaned and downsized
~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

Breathe – what’s that?? Hubby and I were just commenting that when we feel like we’re getting things accomplished and close to the end, there’s always something that springs up and demands to be added to the list!!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

oh my gosh – you have no idea how ready I am to be done. The electrician has been here for the past 2 days and as he explained today we have to make a decision as to whether we keep driving the model T or upgrade to a space shuttle. I told him I want the Lexus!


Wow! You’ve accomplished a lot in less than 3 months. I’d be lucky if we got all that done in one year. My husband is not big on improvement projects. He doesn’t like me to start anything because he feels obligated to help.