Photo Hunt ~ Glass

Hubby’s favorite wine glass = a juice glass
so he doesn’t get in trouble for breaking my stemware.

He’s broken so many over the years, that I began the old boarding house style. You know the style where it’s all crystal, but NONE of the pieces match each other. It actually works now since our dishes are Unikat polish pottery where no two pieces are alike either since they’re handmade. I keep telling him he can use the stemware now, but he like is juice glass!

About the PhotoHunt: A theme is given for each Saturday. Post a photo that best represents the theme. New and old photos welcome but must be from your personal collection and not photos obtained from the web. Play along once a week by posting your photo on your site.

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

I remember those snoopy glasses. I think we still have a few McDonald’s anniversary ones around too. Thanks for the idea, but that’s what I’ve been using and for some reason blogger is failing to post them. A couple of them I needed to post so people could access some recipes and blogger won’t allow access while it’s in draft form. SO I am aware of blogger in draft and am still trying to get it to cooperate with my domain.


I came through your profile looking for your Photo Hunt and thought I was in a time warp.

First, for many years here we gave up glass glasses because of the kids. We have some rather elegant ones, but they mostly sit on the shelves. Each Thanksgiving we would bring out the “special” glasses–a set of Snoopy theme glasses that were premiums at McDonald’s or the Muppet ones the same. I guess I should have thought of those for our glass theme instead of the glass elevators.

Now, about the time warp–you should discover Blogger in Draft. Check this out: Blogger in Draft . I usually have the next week’s memes all set to magically appear on schedule..


Sorry about your stemware, but that is funny! I have glasses and coffee mugs that are my favorites to use, too. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by the creek.