The long awaited kitchen update

Just to recap, this all started in October 2006 due to non-disclosed mold by the previous owners (which we’re still fighting) that we found as it bled through their camouflage or rather ‘fresh’ paint. The entire downstairs bathroom, kitchen (cabinets & all), part of the upstairs bathroom and master bedroom closet had to be torn completely out before it was all over. There were also undisclosed leaks in the sun porch wall and floor and roof. So we had to do all new joist and ceiling.

We still need to do 2nd coats and sealing on many of the cabinets, but they will all match soon. So this entire kitchen is 90% new. Counter tops to replace the plywood are next. We still also need to install the decorative ceiling, flooring and new windows, but feel so good to be at this point. The plywood floor is actually growing on me. At least we were able to bring it all to code also as long as it was all torn out, we really didn’t have any choice.