Photo Hunt ~ Twist(ed)

This is twisted on soooooooooo many levels –
look what they’ve done to licorice with these horrible new flavors!

Or twisted sisters!

About the PhotoHunt: A theme is given for each Saturday. Post a photo that best represents the theme. New and old photos welcome but must be from your personal collection and not photos obtained from the web. Play along once a week by posting your photo on your site.


I saw those Twizlers for the first time the other day, and thought the same thing. How gross! When eating the red ones, you don’t really think about all the nasty stuff that’s inside, but eating those rainbows ones would really make me wonder what kinds of dyes and preservatives I was poisoning myself with!

Misty Dawn

Hehehehe – I love your ‘twisted post’! Most of all, I love the twisted sisters, which makes me mention this –

I love your blog and your friendship, so I don’t want to spam you, but, if you are interested, I’ve started a new Sunday meme all about animal/critter photos at Camera-Critters. I’d be thrilled if you joined!

Sassy Mama Bear

Very good, my Photohunt goes up tomorrow morning. I try not to overload my blog too much in one day….do you have any ideas yet for next week’s theme?
I do not like the colored licorice myself.


Wow, you’re a very busy bee yourself! ( I read your about me, you could be my sister!) You have a very nice blog here, and there are a couple of interesting meme’s that might interest me to do on a Friday. I’ll be back! Thx for visiting my TT!
I find this week’s photohunt rather difficult, but you have found two nice ones!