Tin Ceiling

Doesn’t this tin ceiling piece look great?
Won’t it look great in my kitchen?
It will so fit with the character of this house.

Doesn’t it look like tin?
Well it’s not tin.
It’s really fiberboard.
Yep, really, it’s fiberboard, tongue and groove, lightweight and easy to install.
I tried an experiment and I think it’s going to work.

I’m using Rustoleum Silver Hammer Spray Paint
and 8 feet off the ground, they look just like tin
instead of this chalk white fiberboard.

Oh and did I mention there’s a $20 a square foot difference in price? Using real tin for a kitchen my size would have been in excess of $4000, the plastic substitute would have been around $2000. The fiberboard is now under $400. Real tin, as well as the plastic substitute would have required a grid system be installed first also. The fiberboard can be installed with just the use of a tube or two of liquid nails and a few cans of Rustoleum Silver Hammer spray paint.

Hi Honey, the “tin” ceiling will look great. Can’t wait til June so I can see all the changes. Love Mom

Jean at Penny Lane

Tamy — what a great economical find.
We have an older home/cottage. We had to remove the tin ceiling from the kitchen area because we were incorporating a smaller room into the remodelled kitchen. The tin ceiling is still in the living room but because it is so old, shows signs of rust now and then which we have to constantly repair. This is a great alternative.

My only concern would be that if it is pressed fiber board, I wonder if any of the humidity from cooking would eventually worp it? Does it say?