Camera Critters Premiere

My Friend Misty has started a new meme, Camera Critters.
I think it’s going to take off and fly on its own from the very beginning.
Who can resist critters, especially cute critters?
Come join us and have some fun.
You can get more information at
Camera Critters.

For my first entry I’m submitting my deer family at dinner last night. Momma comes regularly and every year brings her new babies. This shot is Momma (pregnant again) with her babies from last spring and a year or so old orphan. They kept trying to run the orphan off, but finally let him stay. I click my tongue when I put out the food (Great way to use my produce scraps from salad makings) and they come. Some nights there are 9 or 10 deer. They also share with Thumper (the rabbit of course) and a skunk or two. I recently posted the bird’s pizza party also if you want to have a look see.

Hi Tammy, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just started it up a few days ago, so when anyone stops by it just brightens my day. WOW! How on EARTH did you get the deer to come so close???

My husband is a hunter. He’s got the kids (4 and 1) trained well. When they see deer in the yard they make their fingers into guns and make shooting noises. Hmm maybe thats one reason they don’t come so close into our yard!


You have no idea how much I love looking at deer–I never get tired of it. But I never get them as close as you do, I envy that! And poor little orphan, I hate that. The not-so-kind side of nature is too hard! You were that little orphan’s hero, no doubt about it!

I so enjoyed erading your sidebar, what a beautiful attitude you have–and to take back your life like you said, I wanna do that too! I’m bookmarking you right now, don’t want to forget!

Heart of Rachel

It must be awesome to have deer right there in front of your doorstep. It’s kind of you to help feed them during the cold season.

Thanks for visiting my other blog.


it is gratifying to see them strong and healthy at the end of winter. our deer herd in the state is just as helathy and strong, too. i’ve seen too many skinny deer in other states.



we too have deer adn they visit often

We however do not leave real people food out…

the corn we feed our sucks and geese seem to be enough for all of our wild critters

we live in the boonies and we also have a Skunk…we call her ROSIE the Resident Skunk…;)

Neat pictures


What a beautiful deer family! Do they have names? :o)

I love deer, having grown up in the country on a ranch myself. I miss seeing them!!

You’re super lucky. Thanks for sharing your critter picture today! I posted mine, no deer, but our sweet yellow lab Annie.

Misty Dawn

Oh my gosh!!! I must say that I am VERY jealous. Besides dogs, deer are my favorite animal. I have a huge collection of deer items, which has been building since I was a child – figurings, plates, mugs, pictures, etc. Having a family like this come in my yard would be like a dream come true to me. Thank you so much for sharing these photos – that is SO awesome.

Thank you SO much for joining camera-critters. It really means a lot, and I look forward to seeing more of your critter photos each week.


Wow that is great. I’d really like to come round your house to see that! Thanks for sharing this wonderful animals!

My CC is up, too. Please hop over if you like to.

&hearts Sonny