Camera Critters

My Friend Misty has started a new meme. Who can resist critters?
Come join us and have some fun.
You can get more information at Camera Critters.

These pictures are from my sis-in-law’s pond. She raises hundreds of frogs in the wild every year on her property. I took these on a visit last November and I’m there now hoping to get some pictures of her other wildlife. As I sit here writing this, I have to laugh because there is a chorus of RIVETS going on behind me in approval of this post. Sis-in-law even has this picture as a screen saver!

Nifty series of photos! There used to be a pond with coaking frogs outside a restaurant we used to eat at frequently … and I’m wondering if it’s still there? Mine’s up at Small Reflections.
Hugs and blessings,

Misty Dawn

I love this post! I can’t wait to start hearing the frogs down by our pond again. My frogs are smaller than those in your pics though.

This is a really neat and fun post!


Those are great pictures of the frogs, wellcaught. Wow that tadpole is HUGE. I need it for my class! I have some tiny little black ones right now.