Sweet Sweet Surprise!

I signed on for a quick email check while we are preparing for our family reunion and look what I found. Joy @ Joy of Desserts left me a super sweet surprise. This is her quote that made me smile big and feel some serious heartstring tugs:

3 Sides Of Crazy. Tamy and I seem to have a lot of little things and interests in common. She blogs about all sorts of things like cooking, her home and barn, faith and more. You won’t get bored. If you enjoyed my post about the first American cookbook and antique recipes, you’ll like her series on an old 1917 cookbook she found. She calls the series Tuesday’s Romance of Cookery and Housekeeping. “

These are the other 9 recipients. Stop by and congratualate them. You can read what Joy had to say about them on her post.

Canela’s Kitchen...Mil Postres...Culinarty...4urpetsyay pie!

Texas Tanya...Grace Today...Erin Craig...Tad Cronn...

Now it’s my turn be thoughtful & present 10 more awards.

SO, know that while I am on R&R I will have my thinking cap on!