What Your Taste in Chocolate Says About You

You are sweet, mellow, and easily satisfied.

You don’t like anything too intense and dramatic.

Deep down, you’re a kid at heart… and you’re nostalgic for the past.

You are emotionally expressive and sensitive.

You’re effected by everything around you.

Your friends appreciate your open heart, but they are afraid of hurting your feelings.

You love the feeling of accomplishment. You enjoy doing what’s important.

You feel lost when you have to do frivolous tasks or hang out with shallow people.

Hana Mi

Hi tamy

Like your blog, saw your post on Barbaras and thought Id visit!

Most of the recipes on here are amongst my faves!

Are you as obsessed with chocolate as I am?

I hope your ok with this , but I just have to put this choc widget thingy on my food blog too!