Bath photos, what a great idea!! I love it. That last photo is adorable. I like that her name was formally Cujo. hehe

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

She was named Buffy from start, but she was such a mean little brat (snapping, nipping, growling, demanding…) almost vicious in the beginning that I nicknamed her CUJO – playfully of course! She has mellowed in a very sweet little girl!

Misty Dawn

Oh my gosh – she is SO adorable! That last photo is absolutely precious beyond words! Certainly something this cute could NOT be a ‘Cujo’ 😉 No way, you’ll never convince me. hehehehe


Awwww she looks so sweet all nice & clean!

This is my first week playing along, if you have a moment please do stop by 🙂