Photo Hunt – Shoes

My favorite kick arounds!

About the PhotoHunt: A theme is given for each Saturday. Post a photo that best represents the theme. New and old photos welcome but must be from your personal collection and not photos obtained from the web. Play along once a week by posting your photo on your site.

Munchkin Mommy

thanks for visiting my photo hunt entry! i’m sorry it took me a while to get here. 🙂 i had a pair of shoes similar to yours but in blue. and they really are comfy. 🙂


Perfect for kicking back on the weekend. And your new kitchen looks great. I had flour canisters just like that when I was growing up.

Thanks for stopping by.


Now they look well loved and comfortable – I’m wearing just explorer socks today – I’m cold here in Canberra! 🙂


They look very comfy, Sandy. My kind of shoes! Thanks for stopping by the creek to comment – the crocs are my favorites, too! Have a great weekend.


Comfy looking shoes and I love the color!

I also think that’s a great weekend recipe above…too bad we aren’t having a sunny, long weekend!

Sarge Charlie

Hummers, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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