Joy, thank you for the award!

I signed on to another wonderful award from Joy at Joy of Desserts this morning.
Thank you so much!

It then consumed much of my morning as I visited the wonderful paces it has already been and had to do mucho translating to read them all… In fact I’m still reading… This award is truly making its way around the world.

It is always hard for me to make choices on passing these awards on, but the truth is that we must choose, life is always a choice. So I have chosen the following blogs for all of their positive contributions, delicious recipes, beautiful designs, wonderful photos, and most of all the gift of their friendship and laughter as well as their magical blog world where they let me come and dream!

Barbara at Candy Hearts and Paper flowers and Kitchen Comforts
Kathryn at Overwhelmed with Joy
Michelle at Scribbit Motherhood in Alaska
Penelope at Cafe at the End of the Universe
Sandy at Writing in Faith

Ladies it is your turn to pass
the joy of winning an award on.

The rules for awarding this prize to other blogs are as follows:

You must choose 5 blogs you think are deserving of this award for their creativity, design, materials and interesting contribution to the blog community regardless of their language. Each winner should display the prize and put the name of the blog link and the person who has rewarded her in the post.