Photo Hunt ~ Self

2 years old and 21 years old
I chose these 2 pictures because of the irony.
When I was 21 I was a dispatcher for a major telephone company
while I worked my way through college.

About the PhotoHunt: A theme is given for each Saturday. Post a photo that best represents the theme. New and old photos welcome but must be from your personal collection and not photos obtained from the web. Play along once a week by posting your photo on your site.

Sassy Mama Bear

What a great pair of pictures, I wish I had access to my childhood pictures…my mother keeps them will hidden away and it is like pulling teeth to get them.
Thanks for popping by and seeing me.


Very nice photos of you. And I, too, worked for a major telephone company – worked my way through university and then got on full time with them for a while.


That is so cool to have the shot of you on the telephone as a child and then the one of you when you were a telephone operator. Great idea.