Write you own Cookbook Review in Progress

While I was catching up on my Google Reader this morning I ran across an interesting post by Michelle at Scribbit.

I have written 2 cook books in the past for family reunions and let me tell you they were serious labors of love and no easy feat using Microsoft Publisher while deciphering everyone’s chicken scratch too. This new website, Tastebook.com will make your job simpler. Be sure though to check the supported characters if you have any family legacy recipes that are in need of ‘characters’ from other languages. I know Barbara and I discussed this at length regarding the Icelandic language. I could cut and paste and it appeared to preview well, but Tastebook’s disclaimer specifically says it is not supported. It does support your own photo images though, making it feasible to look as professional as any other publisher out there. They are hard bound spiral books with the option of taking the pages in and out as necessary.

Here’s your opportunity to create your own cook book whether it is just for your own use or you want to print Christmas gift copies for mom and grandma. Give yourself a break an take a minute to check it out.


I’d never even considered the possibility of Iceland characters in my family’s recipes 🙂

I’ve always wanted to visit that place . . .