Give Me 5 Tip or Tricks for clutter and cleaning

Give Me Five tips and tricks for keeping your house clean and clutter free.

  1. Organization – Everything has a place and when you’re done using it, it goes back in its place. Period. This includes newspapers, magazines, bills, filing, etc…
  2. NO Procrastination – When a job needs doing – I do it – otherwise you end up with stacks to sort or chores to do when you should be doing something else.
  3. Use the basics – I don’t spend a lot of time or money on fancy cleaners. I use the same things our grandmothers used like bleach, vinegar, soap & water.
  4. Dishes – this one goes back to #1 – if you use a dish rinse it & put it in the dishwasher. I also do this as I cook and by the time dinner rolls around all I have to do is put our plates in and press start.
  5. Sinks – if you wipe them down after each use they stay cleaner (or at least look it when you have guests.


Hey Tamy! This is such a great list, somehow these kinds of basic principals have eluded me….especially the procrastination one! I am Queen Procrastination! So this leads to my messy downfall, I suppose.

Hey, btw, if you want to, come back and fix your Mr. Linky, I am going to delete the first one for you… 🙂