Kind Blogger Award

I’m honored that Meredith at Mercedes Rules has bestowed
this wonderful award upon me this morning.
Thank you so much Mere.

I’ve met so many wonderful people blogging,
it’s hard to not pass this along to absolutely everyone.
So I’ll start with a few of my kind bloggy friends.

  • Barbara whose kindness and friendship has helped me develop my blog, MY way and who has become a dear friend whom I’ve known all my life, or so it seems.
  • Joy whose kindness and friendship keeps me smiling.
  • Penelope whose kindness always finds a positive aspect at all times.
  • Kathryn whose kindness makes her such a great mom.
  • Sandy, Stephanie and Sharon whose kind words always arrive to put a smile on my face at just the right time.
  • I’d like to tag back Meredith who has been so supportive and kind as I maneuver through my first year blogging with themes and keeps me on my toes to stay organized.


What a sweet thing to come home too! I know we talked last night and I’ve been gone a lot the last week, but I’m just now getting around to reading all the back posts! You’ve had a BUSY week!


Congrats to you again! I just received the little tree of happiness too! I have about 7 tags/awards to complete…i am warn out playing tag-LOL! YOU ROCK!


I was reading my incoming links at Mercedes Rocks and realized you honored THAT site for the kind blogger award-WOW! Too cool! Thanks so much! Adding it to my Awards Page now!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts

Ah! I come over to give you an award, and what do I find? You are giving me one too. Thank you so much for the award, your kind words, and your friendship. 🙂
Don’t forget to come by to pick up your award. It’s a little tree of happiness.


Congratulations! You are on the ball when it comes to passing on awards! I still have three more to pass on~dating back to May 24th. Aaahhh!
WOW! And I get it back too! Thank you~you are too kind! *sniff*