Aloha Friday

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day to take it easy and look forward to the weekend.
I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer.
Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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Today’s question is:
Can you remember your first pet?


My first pet was a parakeet named Pretty Boy. He would fly to me when I called his name and sail on my boats in the tub. I was very young when he passed away, but soon after we bought a cockatiel and gave him the same name. We had that Pretty Boy for 22 years!

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Audra Silva

I think our first pet was a little dog named Mitsi. I vaguely recall a picture of her/him tugging on my feet while I was crawling.

I got MY first pet when I walked into a pet store as a kid and fell in love with a Border Collie pup (in England). 🙂 Kerri was my best friend for many years. 🙂


A schnauzer named Snotra (Roughly translates to beautiful in Icelandic), she was my baby and followed me everywhere… I was a dork and used to go around the house singing with an open umbrella and a feather boa around my neck (Yea, I’m a dork, I know!) and she’d follow me everywhere and we’d sit for a while and sing and get up and twirl around a while and then sit for a while… as soon as I sat she’d sit, right next to me…


Oh yes! I begged my father to let me have a kitten for a year. I finally got a white persian cat named Angel and she lived for 12 years. She was a constant companion and loved to be carried like a baby.

Great question!


I had several pets that I only know of because of photos. The first one I actually remember is a cocker spaniel I had in grade school.


Absolutely, because I never had a pet until I was an adult. Her name was T.C. — a beautiful gray and white cat who adopted me. She lived to be 18 and slept on my bed with me every night for all those years. I still miss her, even though she has been gone since September 1998. She was so remarkable & special that I will never own another cat.