Habitat for Humanity Re-Store

Have you seen any of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores? They are popping up all over. They take donations of used house products like doors, windows, sinks, cabinets, etc… and furniture. Some of it gets used in projects while the rest is sold to earn the money necessary for upcoming projects.

Since we’re still remodeling this old house, we stop in periodically to see what they might have. What we didn’t know was that we were going to get lucky that day. We have been watching garage sales and such for a king size head board, but they are hard to find in good shape or bad and at a decent price, so we were thrilled when we ran across a BRAND NEW, still in the box one that had been donated by a furniture store going out of business. It’s a beautiful wood in a color that I call a cross between cherry and espresso.

The color was close enough for us though. It’s mahogany and the rest of the furniture is cherry, but once again close enough, especially for the price! It even had the rounded edge like my chest and vanity. It will age well with our furniture.



What a great find. I love shopping garage sales and thrift stores and finding something that is just beyond perfect. A few weeks ago, we were out at garage sales and a woman was getting rid of all her old cookbooks. I bought up about 20 of them 🙂