Camera Critters ~ More Momma

Who can resist critters? Come join us and have some fun.
You can get more information at Camera Critters.

I promise this will be my last “momma” post for awhile, but these were so cute and she is letting me get so close to take them! She’s still enjoying her meals at our place and still nursing her little one so I don’t mind doing the ‘cooking’. I know how truly blessed I am to have this at my front door AND am always in awe when I see the animals day after day.

i beati

This is the very reason I love this meme so.It is showing the vulnerable loving sides of animals,,mine is on 13th I’m late due to emergencies ssandy


One can’t have enough of these lovely deer – oh those eyes!
Am so envious of your close encounter – puts my brief distant meeting into the shade.