Sky Watch

Finally some clear skies with nice fluffy clouds.
They were short lived though with the arrival of yet
another violent thunderstorm last night
and the 80% promise of more today.

Sky Watch Friday is hosted by Tom at Wiggers World but now
has a new home at its own space in the blog world.

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I’m glad you caught a ‘break’ in the weather. Love the way you’ve framed this photo today shooting between the trees. I participated in my 3rd Sky Watch at Sacred Ruminations on Friday.
Hugs and blessings,

Old Wom Tigley

Excellent Sky Watch picture.. love the trees and how they draw my eyes to the centre..

Thank you for joining this week and helping to make sky watch the place to be. Enjoy all the comments your post will get, try to vist others, but mostly enjoy the fun of Sky Watch.

The Sky Watch Team


I love the way you framed that cloud with the trees! So pretty! It almost looks like a giant bird flying by with its head half way behind the trees on the left!

Jo, a retired teacher

Nice picture. I love a good thunderstorm, but that may be partly because they are pretty rare here at this time of year. Occasionally one boils up and lets loose for a few minutes, but they are usually short.

I’ll drop by again sometime.


I think you’ve gotten way too many thunderstorms this summer… time to send them away and have a week of clear skies for a change! 🙂

shutter happy jenn

That is so cute! I love the look of the two trees on the corners giving way to the sky in the middle!

My SWF is posted HERE. I signed in using my blogger account, but my skywatch friday picture is in a different blog (your blog doesn’t allow non-blogger users).

Hope you can drop by. Happy weekends!