Camera Critters ~ Sady the beggar

Who can resist critters? Come join us and have some fun.
You can get more information at Camera Critters.

This is Sady. She’s 10 years old. Her momma must have met with an ill fate as I found her and her 2 sisters abandoned behind my garage in 1998. They were only a couple of weeks old. I raised the 3 of them with baby bottles and mush food. Sady grew on me and begged to stay. I found great homes for her sisters and she settled in to our household like she’d always been there. After all she’d been hand fed so she expected to continue to be!

Forgive our subfloor for showing, but we haven’t done these floors yet. Sady truly believes she’s entitled to people food and hubby indulges her every whim. He’s taught her to sit up for her treat.

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What an interesting post. I never have luck capturing butterflies with my camera but I love seeing other who do. Thanks for sharing the information too … and for visiting Small Reflections earlier.
Hugs and blessings,


another bob look alike! You Sady looks and behaves like our Bob! he too feels entitled to people food.. i forget what he got the other night, but he got to lick off of Charlie’s finger.


She’s precious! I want a cat, and I think I’ve finally decided that, despite my husband’s adamant opposal to getting one, we are going to anyway.