Spice up your life and a place to put them!

This is an old dentist equipment cabinet. It has been in my family for many years now. First my mom had it as well as another one. When she moved to a smaller place she gave my brother and I each one. I used mine for awhile in a bathroom and then eventually as a candle cabinet to store all my goodies. My brother then went through a simplification stage and downsized just about everything so I inherited the second one also. I decided to turn mine into a spice cabinet for the kitchen. It is where I store just about everything from croutons and bread crumbs to flavorings and bouillon. The bottom cabinet works well to store ziploc bags, extra foil and plastic wrap. I even have the original glass shelves, lock, keys and wheels.

I do of course have the day to day spices closer to the stove and cooking are. I can’t function without everything organized and handy too!

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