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Today’s question is:
The trend today seems to be bold colors, but I’m just not sure about it.
What is your favorite paint color for interior walls?

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Most the walls in our home are “Swiss Coffee” which is white. Two rooms are “Parisian Taupe” and our grand daughter old room is pink & I’m adding brown. I prefer the white and we then decorate with color.


I’m on the process of painting my house a color called sycamore grove. It’s a brownish color. I don’t know it thats bold or not, but I used to have a purple wall in the living room a while back.


Well we are still apartment bound so all our walls are white, but I like the idea of a blend of neutrals and bolder colors – I don’t think you should go crazy but maybe one or two rooms could have like a bold “whamm”. I love the idea of having a red living room…


Depends on the room… probably a light coffee color, kind of like a vanilla latte. (Of course I compare my color to food *laugh*)
I don’t have any walls that color though. Mine are all a light cream almost white, goes with the scandinavian feel.