Camera Critters~baby Whiskey

6 years ago this next week hubby gave me the 2nd best (I’d say 1st, but I reserve that for my engagement ring all those years ago) birthday present, our sweet little Whiskey. I had always, and I mean always wanted a golden retriever. So this little runt was my birthday present from hubby in 2002. She is real little lover and a definite fur child. She left the classification of dog the minute I held her.

She didn’t particularly like where her bed was located.

She’s happy with it here surrounded by her toys.

She thought she’d try the lazy girl’s way of playing.

This was her favorite hiding place when her big brother was in the house. It took them a while to warm up to each other.

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There is nothing sweeter than a Golden puppy. I remember each and every one of ours. We had two litters of them and I helped each one into this world.

We have one Golden left from our first litter. Aphrodite was the first born, the first trouble maker of the crew and taught all the other pups how to escape the puppy box. I couldn’t let that terror loose on the rest of the world, so we kept her. 🙂

My beloved Adonis has been gone just a little over a year and I still cry daily over him. Once a Golden takes over your heart, it’s never the same.


Lovely pictures! Always a nice sight when they’re so small. I also like Golden Retrievers. That was a fantastic birthday present.
Dirkjogt, Belgium


She is absolutely adorable! I can’t believe how cute she is. She should be in commercials! I can’t let my daughter see or she’d bug me for a dog. We just got her a cat! How old is she now? Was it difficult to house train her?


Oh my goodness! Whiskey is just too adorable for words. What a wonderful birthday present. I bet she is still adorable six years later. I must say, I’m a tad envious. 😉

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