Homemaking September Shape Up ~ Kitchen Cabinets

I’m so embarassed, but promised Barbara I’d post these. Even me, the obsessive compulsive neatnik can let things go a tad too long! I found tops with no matching bottoms and vice versa – they all went for the donation box. I put the more seldom used pieces towards the rear and in the the big tote out of the way and the pieces I use almost daily towards the front and on top. Maybe we can get it to stay this way. Yeah right, LOL.

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You didn’t have to post them… 😛 But seriously amazing job! I should share what I did. I think everyone has a dreaded tupperware drawer or cabinet!

The Woman

don’t be embarrassed. lol mine look the same way. I can straighten them but the minute someone puts a container up they mess it up instead of putting it like it should be lol


ARGH! The “plastics” cupboard!

My cats love mine. When I open it, and I have to squat down to see in it, it is narrow and goes across to the left so I can’t get at anything – they jump in and hide.

Where do the lids go? God knows – and God’s not telling.