The Revival of Common Courtesy ~ Public and Professional Manners

Lucy over at LULU’S PETALS recently posted about her day trying to run errands and running into rude people and situations.

This was my comment to her: “I used to be just like you – I swear you described my day to a tee! Now I’m somewhere between you and Larry. I always try to remember what my dad taught me when I was little, If you have something negative to say, always start with a positive so you have their attention. I recently had a similar situation at a Walmart return desk. The ENTIRE transaction took place without the clerk uttering a SINGLE word to me. But she did speak to EVERYONE around her and taking time from what she was doing for me to help the other cashiers who were helping people from the line behind me. I was going to say something to her, but it was like a challenge to see if she was ever going to acknowledge me. All the while I’m staring at her name tag that says “Courtesy Associate” on it – you have to be kidding me? Anyway, I did stop and speak with the store manager saying something like, “I knew you’d like to know that while my return transaction was handled properly, it was not handled courteously” and then explained what transpired to him. You know what he did – he actually pulled her off and spoke with her! I was so surprised. I said something to him to make me feel better and my seething go away never truly expecting anything to come of it. I guess dad would be proud I tried his positive spin thing and it worked. LOL Then there was the time the cashier gave me a lecture on buying products from another specific country… so to answer your question I NOW speak up, but do it as nicely as possible trying to give the benefit of the doubt.”

I decided this would be a good food for thought to open up the theme of Public & Professional Manners which I am postponing until next week so I can celebrate my birthday with my family tonight. Thank you for understanding and I’ll see you all back here next week.

Future themes are:
September 23rd ~ Professional & Public Manners
September 30th ~ Travel & Tipping
September 7th ~ Interrelationships Manners
October 14th ~ Babies & Showers
October 21st ~ Engagements & Weddings
October 28th ~ Deaths & Funerals

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I’m glad you’re postponing it! My birthday is the day we will post, but I’ll get it ready ahead of time. I finally have Internet, but it’s sporadic.

I enjoyed reading about your encounter with Walmart. That place, in particular, can be very frustrating.

Lori - The Simple Life at Home

I agree that it’s important to speak up and let people know when we’ve received poor service. Unfortunately, good customer service has gone the way of the horse and carriage. Maybe because everyone just lets it go, walking away shaking their heads. You’ve encouraged me to be more willing to say something.