Questions, Questions and more questions!

So am I the only one out here in blogland trying to do too much? I see a meme and it looks like fun so I join in. Now when I join something I like to give 110% of myself to the cause whether it’s an angel tree program for needy children or participating in a recipe meme. So, I’m not one to play sporadically, I play ALL the time. I’m also relatively new to blogging still, it’s only been a year plus so need some advice.

My questions are:

  • Are there ACTUAL MEME rules/etiquette out there somewhere?
  • Is it okay to play only once in awhile?
  • Am I less of a blogger if I cut back? I have been combining memes when they pertain to each other and I don’t see a problem with that since it gives a wider coverage to more people, but is it really okay?
  • Am I wrong for expecting the meme hostess to comment once in a while? (This DOES NOT apply to any of the current hostesses for memes I participate in. It is one reason I discontinued a couple though)
  • How much is too much?

I’m curious to see what you all have to say before I make any definitive decisions and/or changes to my blog style.

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I don’t think there are actually rules, just accepted ways of doing things…

It most definitely IS ok to play only once in awhile…a meme should be fun and if it’s no longer fun to do…don’t do it!

You’re not less of a blogger at all. I enjoy your blog and to tell you the truth, I enjoy your recipes and homey stories the most!

You’re not wrong at all, in my opinion; however, as someone who hosts a weekly meme, I’m finding it harder and harder to comment on everyone who plays, especially since it means visiting more than 100 blogs! Sometimes, I’ll just leave a generic comment, like “Thanks for playing, have fun this weekend.”, but is that enough? I don’t know…

LOL I think doing a meme a day is too much…altho lately that’s what I’ve been doing myself! Granted, most of them are photographic challenges, but still…

Hope this helped!


Hi, Tamy,
I agree with what the others have said. YOU are the one who chooses how often you wish to participate in a meme.

My favorite meme right now is the Simple Woman’s Daybook, but the other ladies often don’t ‘comment back’ when I visit their blogs. Maybe they’re shy. 😛 That is a bit disappointing.

The nice thing about doing the meme is that you get to know others more easily, like I got to know you, was it on Give Me Five Monday? 🙂


I don’t know if there are meme rules or ‘etiquette’ guidelines anywhere, but I tend to avoid tags with lots of questions … or break them up into several posts over time. I think everyone has to decide for themselves what they can manage and what to let pass. If I think I might be ‘stepping on toes’ … I usually send the person email or leave them a comment to ‘clear the air’ by explaining my rationale. I hope that helps …
Hugs and blessings,


1) Most bloggers only do 1 or 2 memes, so no, you are not less of a blogger if you cut back
2) If the meme is fairly small, then yes I’d expect the meme hostess to comment once in a while.


Great questions! The only rules I know of are those posted on the host blog, for instance, to follow a certain theme and link back to them. Other than that, I don’t know!

I’ve also seen other people combine memes, and I dont’ see a problem with it, especially is you have a link to all of the meme’s home pages. I have been doing that with two of my related meme posts on Fridays. I mention them both and how they pertain to the post.

I think the meme host should try to visit everyone who contributes, if possible.


I don’t think there are or ever have been any “rules” unless it’s specifically noted on the meme or challenge. I like to play all the time on the ones I do too, but when times gets busy I let things go and just play along when I have time. I think the blog hosts should always visit the players! I think you should do what you want and need to do and not worry about it! 🙂