Thursday 13 ~ Marilyn Monroe

  1. Three of her heroes were Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer and Abraham Lincoln.
  2. Marilyn loved the blond and glamorous Jean Harlowe and would have her hairdresser flown in every Saturday to peroxide her hair.
  3. Marilyn’s career took off when she was photographed by an Army photographer who was assigned to take morale building shots of pretty girls.
  4. Marilyn’s favorite store was Bloomingdales.
  5. Marilyn went to the park each week where 2 boys caught pigeons to sell at the market. She’d pay them 50 cents each to set them free.
  6. She was an avid jogger and jogged through the alleys of Hollywood.
  7. Marilyn liked to cook and Italian food was her favorite.
  8. She sometimes stuttered.
  9. Marilyn’s favorite poet was Sir Percy Shelley.
  10. She didn’t own a television.
  11. Emerald earrings given to her by Frank Sinatra were found in her bedroom slippers.
  12. Drew Pearson, one of the most powerful Washington columnists, got Marilyn to write a guest column in the summer of 1954.
  13. She displayed a portrait of Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg address in every place she lived.

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