That's My World

Welcome to the frozen North of the U.P.

Wasn’t that nice of him to pose for me?

I love the abandoned playground.

Snow Dust!

I don’t think they’ll rock very far.

I sure hope the dog is in the house.

Like they had to tell us??

I really wanted to go sit and look out on Lake Superior, but it was just tooooooooooooooooo cold.

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wow! beautiful snow pictures. The deer was very nice to pose:) and i just love your playground pictures covered with snow. I hope doggie of the doghouse was warm somewhere.

Alice Audrey

And I thought *I* was cold. It had to warm up in order to snow. Looks like you’ve got more than enough of the white stuff.

Hey, did you change your background again? I like it.


A fun collection of snow shots!
I would have been tempted to dive ‘n swim – but then they don’t allow it. Bummer!
Cheers – and a very merry Christmas! Klaus


Wow love the snow!!! I am jealous. I live in a evil state its called Indiana we have no snow in fact they say its supposed to be 56 by Friday. I need to move to Montana or some place that gets winter 🙁


Oh my stars! I live in a different world. 🙂

Today I had some yellow tailed black cockatoos outside my front door. They are two feet long. 😉