Happy New Year

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I’m going to do my traditional resolution list, but I think once again this year I will be realistic.

Lose weight ~ I lost a total of 15 pounds last year so I’ll leave this on my list and try for a bit more ~ another 15 would be fantastic.
zwani.com myspace graphic comments
New Years Graphic Comments

Get MORE organized ~ another one that EVERYONE always says. Once again I got a head start though. Last year was still devastating for us with the military red tape, the disclosure fraud from the previous owners of this house and a few other things. But, I started this past week at putting together the office/studio/workshop and it’s already going well. A place for everything and everything in its place… is almost complete.

Start on next year’s Christmas ~ Start in January again to hand make next years Christmas presents . It went well this year, a true labor of love. Look for peek-a-boo pictures to come (after all we can’t give away what’s what or who it’s for before next Christmas).

Be happy ~ Worry less ~ Smile more ~ Be more productive ~ Spread joy ~ Make a difference in the world.

I wish you ALL much health, happiness, tranquility, spiritual well being and prosperity in 2009 and may we ALL be able to face our challenges with much strength and grace, and may we receive ALL our blessings with thanksgiving and appreciation.

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Happy New Year to you. I didn’t make resolutions, but I did share a note from the Universe at Sacred Ruminations and New Year’s badges on each of my blogs.
Hugs and blessings,