Mellow Yellow Monday [1]

There’s a new photo meme in town, in fact this is week one over at Mellow Yellow Monday and it is all about the color yellow. Go check it out. LOL Yellow is one of my favorite colors when I need to see spring come faster. I took this picture near Land o’ Lakes or Eagle River, Wisconsin last summer. This was just hanging out on a backyard dock. Check out the happy face on his rear fin!

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A new photo meme? Oh nooooooooooo
I’m not sure if I should go look or not. I’m SUPPOSED to start work now. 🙂

This made me think of the Beatles Yellow Submarine – and I actually have a photo perfect for this. Grrrrrr, I might have to postpone work.



Makes me think of that Beetles song called “Yellow Submarine”. Great picture. It really stands out with all that green around it. Hope you have a wonderful week.